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Swann Morton Surgical Scalpels & Blades

Choose from our extensive selection of surgical scalpels and blades from Swann Morton. Discover handles, blade removers and disposable scalpels within this collection suitable for an array of procedures. Swann Morton blades are available in a variety of sizes, sharpness and shapes, so you are sure to find the ideal tool for your requirements. Explore the full range of Swann Morton blades today.

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  1. Swann Morton PM40B Scalpel
    Swann Morton Disposable Scalpel PM40B (5)
    2581 Swann Morton
  2. Swann Morton PM40B Disposable Scalpel
    Swann Morton Disposable Scalpel PM40
    2580 Swann Morton
  3. PM8 Scalpel Handle
    Swann Morton Post Mortem Handle PM8
    2609 Swann Morton
  4. Carbon steel Swann Morton PM22B blade.
    Swann Morton PM22B Blades (100)
    2590 Swann Morton
  5. Swann Morton PM60B Blades
    Swann Morton PM60B Blades (50)
    2561 Swann Morton
  6. Swann Morton PM60 Blades
    Swann Morton PM60 Blades (50)
    2560 Swann Morton
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Items 1-12 of 69

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At Premier Healthcare & Hygiene we work closely with Swann Morton; the world's leading manufacturer of surgical scalpels, blades and accessories to bring you the highest quality scalpels available to medical professionals on the market.

With both sterile and non-sterile surgical scalpels available, the Swann Morton range encompasses a whole host of surgical needs.

Disposable scalpels from Swann Morton are supplied ready to use in a protective guard to prevent sharps injury. A disposable surgical scalpel is designed for single-use making it perfect for the mobile practitioner.

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