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Vinyl Disposable Gloves

Vinyl gloves provide an effective barrier against water, chemicals, oils and other fluids. They’re made from synthetic materials, specifically PVC, and are cheaper than nitrile and latex alternatives.

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Disposable vinyl gloves can be used in a range of settings. Our products are produced to medica-grade standards, but can also be used as part of food preparation. They’re common in the manufacturing industry and everyday households too.

Vinyl is less elastic than nitrile and latex. This makes them more comfortable and offers a looser fit. At Premier Healthcare & Hygiene, you can get powdered and powder-free options to suit your needs.

Buy your vinyl disposable gloves online from our UK warehouse, or get in touch to discuss wholesale prices.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are vinyl gloves safe for medical use?

Some vinyl gloves are safe for medical use. Our gloves at Premier Healthcare & Hygiene are medical grade and adhere to all the relevant standards and regulations. Always check before you buy, as some vinyl gloves are not appropriate for clinical settings.

Are vinyl gloves safe for food handling?

Yes – vinyl gloves are commonly used for food handling in catering environments, for example. They help keep hands clean and prevent cross-contamination between foods.

What is the difference between latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves?

Latex is made out of rubber, which provides good protection, but some people can be allergic to it.

Nitrile gloves are often referred to as ‘medical grade’ gloves. They offer protection against chemicals, and can be worn for longer than latex gloves. They’re also great for those with latex allergies.

Vinyl gloves are cheaper and more comfortable. Some are safe for medical use, as long as they adhere to medical standards.

What do vinyl gloves protect against?

They protect against low-risk chemicals. For example, detergents and cleaning products. They can also stop cross contamination with bodily fluids in medical settings. If they’re medical grade, they can be used in environments with biological hazards.

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