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Disposable Paper Hand Towels

Paper hand towels are renowned for their superior hygiene benefits. Their single-use nature ensures that each person gets a fresh, uncontaminated towel, reducing the risk of germ transmission. Not only do they dry hands effectively, but prompt drying also discourages the potential for harbouring bacteria in damp hands.

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Unlike hand dryers, disposable paper towels eliminate the concern of blowing pathogens into the air, minimising cross-contamination. They don't rely on electricity, making them a reliable choice in various settings. With minimal maintenance requirements, paper hand towels are an essential component in maintaining a hygienic environment.

V-Fold Hand Towels: This is the most basic fold where the towel is halved once. It's straightforward and cost-effective. Single fold towels are often used in high-traffic areas where quick access to hand drying is essential.

C-Fold Hand Towels: The C-fold creates a clean, one-sheet-at-a-time dispensing method. This is particularly useful in public restrooms as it discourages users from taking more towels than needed, reducing waste and cost.

Z-Fold Hand Towels: Similar to the C-fold, the Z-fold provides a hygienic, one-sheet dispensing system. The "Z" shape allows for a neater presentation and ensures that the user touches only the towel they take, enhancing hygiene.

Centrefeed Rolls: Roll towels are typically found in industrial settings and kitchens. They come on a roll and offer high absorbency and durability. Find our full range of centrefeed rolls here.

Our stock of disposable hand towels come in a range of sizes to suit any paper hand towel dispenser.

The folded paper hand towels are ideal for schools, nurseries and commercial premises, offering a cost-effective and more hygienic solution for your hand drying needs.

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