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Medical Consumables

We have all the disposable medical consumables and healthcare supplies you will need for your hospital, surgery or medical centre here at Premier Healthcare & Hygiene Ltd. 

Browse our entire selection of high-quality medical consumables below and order online, by sending us an email to, contacting us on 0191 4611788 or dropping us a fax to 0191 4611798.


We have a wide variety of bandages in stock, including crepe, conforming, elasticated, tubular, triangular and white open wove designs.

Cotton & Examination

Buy cotton wool balls, rolls and tongue depressors in from our fantastic cotton and examination range.

Dressing Packs

All of our sterile procedure and dressing packs comply with NHS national specifications.


We stock wound dressings, spray dressings and swabs for the treatment of minor wounds and the securing of dressings and catheters.

Intravenous Equipment

Our intravenous range is your one-stop shop for hypodermic needles, sterile syringes, safety syringes, cannulas, infusion sets and transfusion sets for medical applications.


Treat minor skin wounds in a safe and efficient manner with our premium fabric, blue detectable and washproof plasters.

Protective Clothing

Browse our top-quality disposable surgical apparel, including aprons, gloves, surgical masks, theatre caps and overshoes from leading brands such as Premier.

Skin & Wound Preparation

Our skin and wound preparation supplies include pre-injection swabs, saline solutions and dermal sprays.

Cotton Gauze & Non-Woven Swabs

Premium quality gauze swabs in both cotton and non-woven formats, as well as sterile and non-sterile packaging. Browse our un-rivalled range of swabs from the Premier brand.


Designed by big-name brand Universal, our tubing products include a comprehensive selection of conductive and non-conductive suction tubing.

X-Ray Detectable Gauze Swabs

The Premier X-Ray detectable gauze swabs are premium products that offer absorbency, strength and X-Ray detection in one package.

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  1. BD Microlance Hypodermic Needle 24G Violet 25mm (100) 304100
    Excl. Tax: £4.75 Incl. Tax: £5.70
    BD hypodermic needles in packs of 100. 24g x 25mm. Learn More

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