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Interacoustics MTP10 Middle Ear Analyser Tympanometer

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Interacoustics MTP10 Middle Ear Analyser Tympanometer
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The Interacoustics MTP10 with built in thermal printer is built to accommodate modern health-care settings where fast and reliable testing is paramount.

The Interacoustics MTP10 can quickly and easily detect conditions such as Otitis Media, a major cause of temporary or permanent hearing impairment in children.

Lightweight and incorporating an extended pressure range for differential diagnosis.


  • Tympanometry:  Normal:+200 to -300daPa.  Extended: +300 to - 600daPa
  • Printing:  High speed thermal printer station. Standard 8 cm thermal paper.
    Through PC using Ot oAccess™ (optional).
  • Compatible software for Windows®: PrintView for on-line PC monitoring and printing. OtoAccess™ database and diagnostic modules.  NOAH Impedance Module allows test results to be stored and viewed within the NOAH program.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH):  10x25x13 cm / 4x10x5 inches
  • Weight:  500 g/ 1.1 lbs
  • Impedance standard:  EN 60645-5, ANSI S3.39, Type 2
  • Audiometer standard:  EN 60645 -1, ANSI S3.6, Type 5
  • Safety standard:  IEC 60601-1, Class 1, Type B.1, Type B
  • Medical CE-mark:  Yes
  • Interface:  Full data transfer to PC through base stations MTS10 or MTP10.
  • Acoustic Reflex test:  4 reflexes per ear. Automatic intensity search or fixed stimulus intensity.
    Intensities: Up to 110dBHL (100dBHL @ 3-4kHz).
    Frequencies: 0.5kHz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 3kHz, 4kHz.
    Actual reflex recorded and displayed.
  • Screening audiometry Intensity: 10dBHL to 50dBHL. Frequency: 0.5kHz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 3kHz, 4kHz.
  • Power supply:  3 high quality rechargeable NiMH batteries incl. Accepts standard AA NiCd batteries.
    Automatic charging of rechargeable batteries while resting in MTP10.
  • Probe tone Frequency:  226Hz +/-3%. Amplitude: 85dB SPL +/- 3dB.

Included Parts

  • MTP10 Base station with built in high speed thermal printer, charger and interfacing to PC.
  • 3 rolls of thermal paper
  • Power supply
  • 3 x NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • Set of eartips
  • Power cable
  • Operation manual CD.
  • Multilingual CE instructions for use


  • Carrying case for MT10 + MTP10
  • OtoAccess™ and Diagnostic Modules
  • IA-NOAH-Imp module IFC69 cable for PC connection (9 pins)
  • IFC59 cable for PC connection (25 pins)

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Additional Information

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