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ENT Instruments

Premier Healthcare & Hygiene Ltd stocks a comprehensive collection of high-quality ENT instruments, perfect for tending to conditions relating to the ear, nose and throat.
Browse our collection of ear irrigator machines and accessories from Propulse and Guardian for safe and reliable ear irrigation. 
Laryngoscopic examination could not be easier with our premium range of Heine laryngoscopes. With LED technology and a five-year warranty on all handles and blades, Heine is the world leader in ENT equipment and accessories.

Our collection of ear irrigators and consumables are recommended if blockage from earwax continues even after the use of eardrops.
We stock both disposable and re-useable pen torches, which give you excellent levels of illumination when treating ear, nose and throat conditions.
Heine laryngoscopes are the market leader thanks to the inclusion of both LED and fibre optic technology, thus allowing you to conduct detailed laryngoscopic examinations over and over again.

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