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We have an excellent range of physiotherapy equipment here at Premier Healthcare & Hygiene Ltd, which work to help injured and disabled patients through the rehabilitation process and regain movement and mobility.

Shop for physiotherapy supplies either online or get in touch by phone on 0191 4611788 or by email on

Exercise & rehabilitation equipment

We stock a huge selection of top-quality exercise and rehabilitation equipment, including exercise bands, Wobble boards, Tumble Forms, inflatable rollers and balance beams.

Hot & Cold Treatment

Our hot and cold therapy products are great for treating sports injuries, muscle sprain and strains, back pain, sore joints and inflammation.

Massage Therapy

Peruse our massage therapy products and consumables to find specialist chairs, comforting massage oils and high-quality massage tools.

Acupuncture Instruments

Premier Healthcare & Hygiene Ltd is your one-stop shop for acupuncture needles, accessories and electronic acupuncture units.

Tapes & Strapping

Browse through a huge range of tapes and strapping for physiotherapy, including zinc oxide tapes, Combi tape packs, elastic adhesive bandages and Kinesio tapes.

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